Get to know the Our Earth Climate Foundation

Our Land Climate Foundation for Sustainable Development 11485 for the year 2022

The Climate of Our Land Foundation is a non-profit development organization that works for the safety, improvement and development of the environment. The activities of the Foundation are a reflection of the vision and mission of the Foundation, which depends on the effective participation of local, regional and global communities and all parties concerned with environmental and climate issues, taking participation, equality and transparency as principles of action.

The Foundation pursues a policy of gender balance and encourages it by urging all groups to participate in the activities and projects implemented by the Foundation.

The Foundation relies on its cadres and members with experience in the fields of environment and climate change. The Foundation has a work team consisting of qualified and trained cadres who carry out and follow up the activities implemented in the Foundation. The Foundation also has about (200) volunteers from different groups and ages who participate in the implementation of the activities that carry out by the institution.


To become a center of excellence in the fields of climate change at the national and regional levels. It aspires to preserve the components of the ecosystem in a way that benefits citizens while ensuring equality and sustainability.


We seek to be the best provider of knowledge and skills to society in order to change their attitudes, behavior and practices towards environmental and climate justice through a participatory and inclusive approach. ,

Foundation goals

  1. Promote environmental conservation and climate change mitigation, adaptation and resilience, sustainable use of natural resources, and improve the livelihoods and resilience of the poor and the most vulnerable groups in response to the effects of climate change.
  2. Raising community awareness of environmental issues, climate change and ways to adapt to it.
  3. Work to achieve the goals of sustainable development.
  4. Building a model for integration and participation between non-governmental organizations and government institutions to integrate environmental concepts into work systems.
  5. Providing technical support to the private and government sectors to carry out the necessary environmental studies to ensure that projects are compatible with the safety of the environment and the preservation of natural resources.
  6. Providing consultations and research to the governmental and non-governmental sectors on how to measure the carbon footprint and implement environmental projects to ensure the achievement of sustainable development goals.
  7. Training youth on entrepreneurship and environmental projects.
  8. Building children and youth intellectually and emotionally, and working to create a personality that is aware of environmental issues and problems.
  9. Activating the active community participation of women and maximizing their societal role.
  10. Building youth capacities to preserve natural resources and environmental safety
  11. Promoting the value of arts and culture among young people and children and their impact on monitoring societal, environmental and cultural problems and their effective role in raising community awareness of these problems and contributing to mobilizing society to conduct an intervention to solve them.

The organization's strategy is based on a number of basic axes

1. Knowledge

2. Training

Skills development and capacity building

3. Managing and implementing projects and initiatives

4. Partnerships

Active participation of local communities by participating in campaigns and initiatives

Enterprise structure

Foundation general committees