Boys and girls programme

The program seeks to empower young people to become agents of change for environmental and climate integrity. It encourages young people to be innovative, creative and enthusiastic to reduce the problem of climate change through interventions and initiatives that promote community participation and behavior modification in general. It aims to raise awareness about climate change among young people and inculcate environmental values, behaviors and knowledge to encourage sustainable development. The program emphasizes the need for action and moral responsibility to address climate change, given its impact on the planet and the role of human behavior as the main cause. The program also seeks to inculcate values and concepts of climate justice among young people and introduce them to ways to achieve it.

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Male and female students at Cairo University (simulating a climate conference)
Young man about climate change
A young man about active community participation, how to write community initiatives
Entrepreneurship young man

Training 850 young women on the problems resulting from climate changes, the groups most affected by these problems, and how to adapt to climate changes

Training 40 young people on entrepreneurship and green environmental projects, in cooperation with the Bibliotheca Alexandrina

Training 850 young people on how to write community initiatives and introducing them to active community participation

In the first climate change conference simulation, students at Cairo University participating in the climate summit conference model, which comes under the auspices of the Ministry of Environment, the National Academy for Combating Corruption, and the Economic Governance Program of the American Cooperation, were trained to introduce students to the most important concepts related to climate changes, the various that contribute to or are affected by climate change.

Training young people on life skills, “know yourself, discover yourself” using games and arts