Get to know the work team

M / Ali Samir
Secretary General of the Foundation

Practical experience extends for nearly twenty-five years in the field of environment, education and sustainable development. During the previous period, he worked with various national and international development organizations in various positions such as director of programs and projects, consultant for education development programs and environmental education programs, integrating environmental education into school curricula, and consultant in Active learning and the use of arts and games in learning processes. He is one of the most important experts in the uses of drama and educational activities in training, education, capacity building and skills development. He is an expert in designing activities for adults and children. He is a consultant in preparing initiatives and awareness campaigns using the arts. He is a consultant in participatory theater and a director. A playwright and has many developmental theatrical works. He is the author of stories and plays. He has many educational environmental stories for sustainability and plays that contribute to behavior modification. He is the founder of the Boys and Girls Theatrical Troupe in 2008.

M. Saber Othman
Chairman of the Board of Trustees

Saber Othman holds a Bachelor's degree in Environment and Biological Agriculture from Al-Azhar University in Egypt, and a Master's degree in Climate Change from the University of East Anglia, UK. He also obtained many diplomas such as the International Negotiation Diploma from the Faculty of Economics and Political Science, and the Diploma in Natural Resources in Africa from the African Graduate School, both from Cairo University, Egypt. Furthermore, he is a PhD candidate in the College of Agriculture (Egy) studying the effects of extreme weather on crops. ,

Mrs. Naglaa Asadan
Executive Director of the Corporation

She holds a BA in Economics and Political Science and a Masters in Business Administration from the University of East Anglia in the United Kingdom. She also established a startup company for training and education, which enriched her management experience. She then worked in a number of maritime companies outside Egypt, and also held the position of CEO of Acisco Consulting.

Manal Muslim
Program manager

Educational background PhD researcher in the Faculty of Statistics, Crisis and Risk Management, with a focus on the environmental and economic field. She obtained a master's degree in planning for sustainable development from the National Planning Institute in Egypt. She is a graduate of a Bachelor of Arts in English from Cairo University.
Professional experience working for more than 15 years between the field of customer service, management, planning and development. She also worked in the field of development for more than 6 years, where she was working in the JICA project team to promote technical education in Egypt for 5 years. She also has experience in the field of environment, starting from planning projects for climate change, adaptation, mitigation and reducing the effects of climate change, waste management and air pollution in Egypt, I got this experience from working in the Foundation.
Some projects:
• Climathon in cooperation with the European Union,
• Empowering African youth in cooperation with the Kane Network (Afrika Caravan),
• The NDC (National Determined for Climate Change) in collaboration with Curtain University in Australia and Durham University in the UK. (October 2022 to February 2023)
She was also a speaker at Youth Day with Kane Network at COP27, about raising awareness of climate change to build capacity for youth, and using environmentally friendly products. (November 2022)
She also designed Climate Week workshops for recycled products in cooperation with Upfuse (the Egyptian brand) and Kholoud Alexandria Exhibition at the Bibliotheca Alexandrina (October 2022).
The objectives of Climate Week are: Gaining and sharing knowledge in the field of climate change: adaptation, loss and damage and climate finance, capacity building through recycling plastic bags and recycling wood into a piece of art, youth empowerment and bringing African youth voices to communities, gender balance and youth participation in action climatic. The Alexandria workshops covered the following topics: Adaptation, Loss and Damage, and Climate Finance. With sufficient capacity and technological know-how, most waste can be recycled into a variety of usable products. We recycled plastic, paper and wood into usable products such as bags and wooden coasters.

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Moaz Mamdouh
Corporate social media officer

Moaz Mamdouh I study Japanese at Al-Azhar University
Five years ago, I was able to recognize the importance of volunteer work, and after that I became a volunteer in a number of civil society organizations, through which I was able to increase my skills and learn more about society and the labor market and its requirements. Then I went to work in the marketing field and became a social media specialist, which is the profession in which I now work in one of Institutions that aim to raise awareness of climate change.