United Nations Climate Conference - COP27​

The Climate of Our Land participated as a non-governmental observer in the summit of the United Nations Climate Conference (COP27), which was held in November 2022 in Sharm El-Sheikh, and the inauguration and launch of the Civil Forces Coalition for Climate as one of the founders of the Coalition, which many local civil society organizations joined as part of the activities of the conference.

Launching the Civil Forces Alliance for Climate

The Climate of Our Earth Foundation for Sustainable Development, the Watan Development Association for Local Communities and Human Rights “Project Watan”, and the Development Services Center announced the inauguration and launch of the Civil Forces Alliance for Climate.

The alliance was joined by: The Voice of Egypt Students Association, Ain Environment Association, Tourism Development Association in Dahshur, Egypt Dream Foundation for Development and Development, The Green Foundation for Friends of the Environment and Sustainable Development, Jeffreysed, Egyptian Leaders for Development LEAD, Salah El-Din Ahmed Foundation for Development, Plant a Tree Foundation, Association Environment Without Borders, Pioneers Foundation for Projects and Development, Quality of Life Sustainability Foundation for Development and Development, Egyptian Society for the Preservation of Heritage, Environment and Family, Future Eve Association, Coptic Society for Social Welfare

Invite civil society organizations to unify efforts and expand the scope and base of support available for advocacy goals through joint collective action in a way that no single body can do.
It enhances the legitimacy of procedures, policies and programs to ensure easy access to the desired results.
Providing a forum for the exchange of information to facilitate the delivery of information to all other parties and to build a complete action plan.
Achieving a wider spread within the community.
The need to mitigate and reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and the need to change the inherited systems for material extraction, transportation, distribution, energy generation, commodity production, service provision, consumption methods, disposal methods, and financing.
Protect human rights that may be affected by climate change and achieve climate justice in order to enhance opportunities for future generations.

The coalition adopts a set of basic messages:

Let’s all join together for climate justice.
No one will be left behind.
Sustainable development requires integrated solutions to climate issues.
Investing in successful solutions to long-term climate problems helps prepare the world for the future.
Ensuring the fair distribution of resources without any discrimination and ensuring that no one is left behind is an integral part of achieving the goals of sustainable development.
International and cross-sectoral collaboration creates co-benefits for increased resilience
The coalition works to strengthen cooperation and communication with all international, regional and local authorities, bodies, networks and alliances for the cause of the climate in order to preserve the integrity and sustainability of the blue planet and to achieve climate justice for future generations and to preserve their gains from the nature that God has endowed us with and to preserve their current and future rights. During the conference period and beyond, the coalition will have an effective role in monitoring all steps and submitting proposals.
From the axes:
The role of civil society in activating and implementing the Climate Strategy 2050.
The impact of the presence of civil society in COP27
The idea of governance and commitment to the implementation of policies and quality control of implemented activities.
The role of women in climate issues and their involvement in accordance with Security Council Resolution No. 1325
Partnership between sectors in order to achieve the goals
Funding mechanisms according to the previous coalition proposal that was submitted to the presidency of the conference and discuss the axes of the statement.

Coming up with a number of recommendations to be implemented