Awareness campaigns about climate change and ways to mitigate and adapt to these changes

The climate campaign is changing, and we all must change

Within the framework of the Climate Change Campaign, and we all must change, Our Land Climate Foundation launched a competition between male and female students of applied arts faculties in the Arab Republic of Egypt to participate in creating a design for a form of collecting plastic bottles and soft drink containers from the Egyptian beaches in cooperation with the Faculty of Applied Arts Helwan University

Safe and clean beach contest

Within the framework of the state’s efforts to involve young people in protecting the environment and conserving resources, the Manakh Our Earth Foundation for Sustainable Development announced a competition (a safe and clean beach) to create a design for a form of marine organisms as a container for collecting plastic bottles and gas cans from the beaches, and it will be implemented on one of the Egyptian beaches. This is within the framework of increasing societal awareness of biological diversity issues and the impact of plastic on marine organisms and increasing the severity of climate changes, and defining the importance of benefiting from these wastes in recycling operations and reducing the effects of climate change within the framework of the Arab Republic of Egypt hosting the twenty-seventh Conference of the Parties to the Climate Change Convention in Sharm El-Sheikh during the coming November.

Competition for the best design for a marine organism to collect solid waste from beaches, which was organized by the Foundation in cooperation with the Faculty of Applied Arts at Helwan University under the auspices of Dr. Maysoon Qutb, Dean of the Faculty of Applied Arts, Helwan University

فاز بالمركز الأول Designed by student Mazen Ibrahim