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HSM (Hybrid Synchronous Motor) Liquid-Cooled 3-Phase – 300 V – 12,000 rpm with Adaptive Control Inverter


Engine and inverter are 22 lb. lighter than our previous design, despite providing better thermal efficiency and more power, reducing EVA Ribelle weight to 573 lbs. Handling for the motorcycle is enhanced as the smaller size also ensures a lower center of gravity.


Because motor and inverter are developed in tandem, the inverter can provide Adaptive Control. This means it is able to select the right control parameters as they vary: the torque required by the vehicle, the engine speed, the operating mode of the system, the temperature and other factors that identify the operating status of the powertrain. Adaptive Control ensures that the inverter can always operate the system as efficiently as possible, while extending the operating limits of the system itself.


Continuous power delivered by the motor is increased slightly to 147 Hp/110 kW yet peak power ramps up to 169 Hp/126 kW. Combined with the enhanced acceleration of the RS Version and you have far and away the best performance of any electric bike.

Climathon Egyptian governorates

To empower and engage youth and citizens to contribute to reducing carbon emissions and adapting to the effects of climate change

In a world undergoing rapid transformation, we stand before one undeniable fact:

Climate is changing, and we all must change

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