Training services

The Climate Our Earth Foundation for Sustainable Development seeks to design and implement training courses of outstanding quality to build and develop the skills capabilities of human cadres in the fields of climate change and sustainable development, as the Foundation has a professional administrative team capable of managing everything related to training, starting from designing training, preparing scientific material, Preparing pre and post evaluation methods, and others. The training is also provided by accredited experts, and the necessary certificates are presented with different accreditations according to the client’s need.

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at the level of individuals

A distinguished training program has been prepared for individuals to graduate specialists in the field of climate change, in light of the need of the labor market such as banks and private companies, especially social responsibility and sustainability departments, for qualified individuals to help implement plans to achieve sustainability and contribute to facing climate changes, whether in the practices followed by any institution internally or in its foreign dealings.

at the enterprise level

The Foundation has the necessary expertise to help those in charge of human resources, training, social responsibility, and sustainability departments in government agencies, the private sector, and civil society organizations determine their training priorities by studying training needs, building and designing training programs necessary to bridge the gaps that contribute to enhancing the knowledge and practical skills of trainees. and make them able to achieve the objectives of the entity in which they work.

List of services provided by the climate of our Earth

Equipped training rooms

Training can be provided in an integrated manner within the institution’s headquarters, with the resources and capabilities we possess to provide our training services in a completely professional manner.

Training consultancy:

Our Land Climate provides you with experts and consultants specialized in the fields of environmental entrepreneurship, green project management, human resources and marketing, project management, initiatives and more.

Specialized trainers

We have a team of specialists accredited by the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change to provide training services on various topics of climate change in its various aspects, whether technical (reducing carbon emissions – adapting to climate change – increasing flexibility and resilience … etc.) or political (international negotiations related to multilateral agreements….etc) or socio-economic (vulnerability assessment – gender…etc)

Training for others

We provide training services for banks, companies and factories whose employees find it difficult to come to the institution’s headquarters to receive the training service, while managing everything related to training with the aim of providing an integrated training environment that contributes to providing the training service at the highest levels of quality.

Holding international conferences and training courses

Providing professional training services for high-level personalities, senior officials and senior managers, as the climate of our land provides integrated training programs while presenting them in a tourist context so that the service does not depend on training only, starting with hotel reservations, providing airport / hotel transfers / and booking the hall in which the training will take place in the hotel And providing the training service with all the required professional equipment, and thus the trainee gets the required training program in conjunction with his tourism program, and tourism training services are provided in cities. Like Hurghada and Sharm El-Sheikh.

Remote training

Distance training is one of our main concerns, as we believe in the efficiency of this alternative in saving expenses and a good investment for the time of the trainee or the company. We use the latest remote training systems that provide the trainee with live video and audio communication with the lecturer on the one hand and with the participating trainees on the other hand, as well as providing the climate of our land File exchange service, questions and discussions throughout the day and throughout the training program.

Conditions for registration in training courses

Visit the Foundation’s headquarters at the following address

(22 Street 106 – Hadayek El Maadi – Cairo)

Group and corporate discounts Our land climate offers discounts for groups and companies in many training courses

Individual Discounts Our Earth Climate offers discounts on many training courses for individuals who pay the full registration fee in advance

Advance payment is required using the “Visa payment” option via the electronic registration form through the institution’s website

In the event that the customer decides to cancel participation in the training course, a cancellation fee of 20% of the paid fees will be set, and the same percentage will be imposed as a cancellation fee when not attending the training course.

together for development

Our Land Climate Foundation for Sustainable Development is always looking for continuous development. From this standpoint, we always welcome receiving your suggestions and comments about the training courses we offer you.

If you have any comments or suggestions please feel free to send them via email