Gemmayzeh program

Gemmayzeh program aims to build children environmentally, intellectually and emotionally, and work to create a conscious and integrated personality. We aim to develop them with sound psychological, emotional and cognitive development and help them refine thinking, respect and appreciate the role of the other, confront environmental, social and cultural problems and provide them with the skills of self-expression, and discover the energies and creative skills inherent in them through training programs and specialized courses, and we seek to consolidate the concepts of teamwork and community participation They are effective, and achieve the pleasure of practice and the pleasure of knowledge.

Gemmayzeh activities

environmental education

Recycling (useful things from trash)

The stage

The storytelling

environmental music

The art of folding paper (origami)



Painting on leather / on glass / burning on wood

Program events and activities

Paper folding workshop for children

Gemmayzeh Children's Theatre